Sunday, February 21, 2010

7 Things

Borrowed from Not That You Asked, here are 7 things going on in my life recently.

(Ok, there are WAY more than 7 things going on, but this is all I have the energy for right now.)

1. We bought a mini-van! woohoo! It's a 2006 Honda Odyssey. Yes, I know that when we got engaged, I made Jim promise me we'd never buy a mini-van. But that was before we had 2 kids and 1 on the way and had to transport all their STUFF.

2. We sold the Mercury. The old geezer car is gone! And you know what? I miss it!!! We sold it yesterday, and it didn't hit me until AFTER it was gone, that now we only have 1 car that will hold all 5 of us. We kept the Honda Civic. It'll transport 4 of us, but not a 5th one. ESPECIALLY not someone in a car seat. So now I'm sad and feel kinda stupid. But since that didn't hit me until after it was sold, maybe there's a reason we still have the Civic.

3. Last night we all went out to eat at Shogun's. It's the place where they cook the food in front of you at your table. Alpha got her 2nd H1N1 shot on Thursday and didn't get anything (ice cream, candy bar, etc) for it. So we let her pick and this is where she wanted to go. Both girls LOVED it! I was worried at first that it would be too expensive, but then I realized that we won't be going to places like that for awhile after the baby is born. So we splurged.

4. The girls sat in front of Harps today helping their troop sell extra Girl Scout cookies. They had a BLAST! When we came back to pick them up, Alpha was WEARING one of the cases some cookies had come in. Beta and one of her friends from the troop had made up a song. They were singing it at the top of their lungs to every customer who walked by! It was one of the cutest things EVER!!! They are selling again next weekend and both girls are really pumped.

5. We have been crazy busy buying baby stuff! To date, we have a crib, car seat, dresser, glider, baby book, "Big Sister" shirts ordered, nursing pillow, mobile, bassinet/travel crib, sheets for travel crib, valance and wall art for nursery, bumbo, lamp, and some clothes. It's been hectic trying to get all this stuff since I'm working extra tax-season hours. But somehow we've done it. The only thing I'm missing is a diaper bag. But I've got a lead on one of those and will probably have it soon.

6. Baby stuff we still need is a baby monitor, baby bathtub, stroller, and a few other little piddly things like diapers and wipes.

7. Last, but certainly not least, we think we have a date for the c-section! Provided the baby and the Lord don't have other ideas, our first son will arrive on either March 18 or 19. I will be 38 weeks pregnant then. This time around, unfortunately, I have placenta previa. This means the placenta is covering all or part of the cervix. Apparently, if you go into labor with the placenta first in line, that is really bad. So my doctor doesn't want me to have any chance to go into labor. And I'm ok with that, having experienced it twice. (at least the start of it)

Thus begins our final countdown. Less than 1 month! We are all tremendously excited! I'm a little nervous. But that's for another post.

Hope everyone has a good week!