Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Monday, February 23, 2009

Funny story

We got a note today from Alpha's school. Her principal had to resign because of health reasons. She was showing me the note tonight, and excitedly said, "and it's signed by the DOCTOR!!!!" I was like, "what?" Then I saw it. It was signed by Dr. Bobby New, Superintendent.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Wendy did not become a fan of shopping.

Sale! President's Day Sale! Whoooooo!!!!

Yea, whatever. I was so excited. I was going to go shopping this afternoon. Sales! I'm not off tomorrow so I figured I'd hit them today.

Well, shopping, even by myself, just isn't fun any more. It's not the weight issue. Not at all. They do make clothes to fit people who are my size. In fact, they make clothes to fit people who are WAY bigger than my size.

It's the styles.

Have you SEEN the styles? Last year, it was the colors. I think I described them as a cross between Austin Powers and All in the Family.

Well, this time, I would describe the styles as "maternity of yesteryear". I was looking for work clothes. Our office is business casual, for lack of a more descriptive word. We don't have to wear "career wear". (Thank you!) But we can't look like bums either. So I try to go for slacks and comfortable shirts that aren't t-shirts.

But the styles......all the shirts have gathered necks and are long and flowing. Maternity, any one? Or they are long tunics. That you wear with leggings.......yea. 80's any one? (I need some chartreuse lace hair ribbons. Quick!)

For more irony, see this year's current maternity fashions. They are close-fitting and show off all your curves along with your beautiful baby belly. Not to mention your big baby bootay along with your big baby boobs.

Who decides these things any way? Why is it suddenly acceptable for pregnant women to show off their figures while the rest of us try to hide ours? And who actually wears the flowing shirts? Probably young girls. Most moms I know steer far clear of those shirts because, duh, "they make me look pregnant!" (This was mentioned on an episode of manic mommies one time. I totally agreed with them.)

Retailers can blame the "bad economy" all they want. I think most of the stuff out there stinks.

The trip wasn't entirely a loss. I did find a royal blue sweater for work. (my FAVORITE color!) I got a fleece-lined t-shirt for $9. I also bought an exercise bra and new workout shorts. They even match!

And like any good mom, since I couldn't find clothes for me, I bought clothes for the girls! Target had some great leggings, scooters (skirts w/shorts), and t-shirts for $5 each! I also found Alpha a new pair of gloves for $2. She has lost one glove of each of her 3 pairs she had at the start of winter.

Maybe spring will be better. Beta said to me on Thursday, "Mommmmyyyy....I don't want it to be cold! I want it to be summer!" I couldn't have said it better myself.

Monday, February 9, 2009


Today, I took the girls to the dentist. We've had a breakthrough! Beta did NOT throw a fit! She told me on the way there that she wasn't going to be scared any more because she was a big girl.

When we got back in the exam room, she still walked hesitantly over to the chair. The hygienist was nice and started talking to her. I wanted to ask the other hygienist, who was working on Alpha, a question, so I said I'd be right back.

After asking my question, though, I thought, "hmmm.....most kids do better when their parents are not around." So.....I hid. Around the corner. I watched (and listened) as Beta was carefully coaxed up into the chair. (or down on's actually a flat bed-type thing. It's no wonder she hates it.) She laid down and even OPENED HER MOUTH!!! She kept wanting to sit up so they let her for the last half of the cleaning. But the big news is, SHE DID IT! She even let the dentist poke around with his mirror and pointy-thing. She told me it didn't hurt if you were still.'s amazing how much I've learned, isn't it?

Final result: NO cavities! In either girl! Alpha needs sealants on her 6-year molars, but Beta is good-to-go.

Beta also informed me that she doesn't suck her thumb any more because she didn't want the dentist to tell her she was doing something "unhealthy". The thing is, I've noticed her not sucking it as she goes to sleep! I sure hope we are over that, and of her own accord.

Now I have to get ready for bed to tackle the rest of my week. One down....nine to go. (weeks of tax season)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I watched more of The Biggest Loser tonight while I walked on the treadmill. Carla and Joelle got sent home. It was week 6 of the game and Joelle lost 0 pounds. Yes, zero. I couldn't believe it. She said she was humiliated. I was glad they got sent home, though. It was hard for Joelle to work with Carla always yelling at her.

In honor of the game, I actually bought a scale the other day. It's pretty. It is mainly glass with the supports having an oil-rubbed bronze finish. That way the floor shows through and it's not this huge, white splotch yelling loudly "Wendy's trying to lose weight!!!!"

I have stepped on it. At night with pajamas and house shoes. I figure the shoes must weigh a good 10 pounds or so.....just kidding! I plan to weigh about once a week.

The girls weighed on it tonight. Alpha weighs 57 pounds and Beta weighs 36 pounds. Alpha started doing jumping jacks and then got back on. She weighed 56 pounds. She was excited that she could lose weight just by doing 3 jumping jacks. (Oh ha ha.) She also said something about not wanting to gain weight. I had to explain that kids gaining weight is good. Parents gaining weight is not.

In other TV news, after my show was over, I switched back to live TV. (LOVE the dvr!!!) It was Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. I've said before that I hate shows like that. So I quickly switched to Food network b/c it's the only other channel I know the number to. It was the last episode of their new series "Chopped".

It's down to the dessert course with 2 chefs remaining. They taste the lady's dish first. She made some fritter out of something. Then they taste the man's dish. The judges stop. Swallow. And make some weird faces. Then they casually ask him if he tasted the batter before he baked the cake. He says no. They suggest that perhaps he used SALT instead of SUGAR!!! He's like "wha??? I'm so sorry!" After the contestants leave so the judges can decide who wins, the judges say it was like putting an entire teaspoon of salt in your mouth! I had to laugh. It was a real-life blooper!

The poor guy even lost. They decided that, even without the mistake, the lady's dishes showcased the ingredient better than the guy's. I felt sorry for him. That's a hard mistake to live down.