Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

How It's Going

I'm sitting here pondering how my life has changed over the past 11 days. So I thought I'd write about it. Keeping everything in small, short snippets, of course.

1. I am loving third-time motherhood! Yes, you read that right. The first time around was such a shock to the system. I had endured 24 hours of labor to end up with an unwanted c-section. But also a beautiful baby girl. Who proceeded to scream and cry and have reflux for several months. I love Alpha to death, but my induction into motherhood with her was similar to baptism by fire. :) With Beta, things were definitely easier, but I had this hurried-ness that made me wish those early weeks away. With J4, I'm actually happy and enjoying this! Ok, I'm still sore and would love to sleep from 11-7 straight. But I'm ok with all of this because I know it doesn't last forever and things will eventually return to "normal", whatever that is.

2. We've had more jealousy from the dog than from either of the girls. The poor dog didn't know what on earth this screaming, smelly "dog" was. She hasn't bothered the baby, but she still looks at him funny. As a matter of course, I never leave the dog and baby alone in the same room. Never.

3. I am loving my Graco Travel Lite crib! We are using it as a bassinet in our room for now. When we finally make it down to Little Rock, that'll be his bed until he's older. This thing is small enough to actually fit through a doorway and be lightweight to carry. It has wheels so we can easily move it through the house. Very happy with my purchase!

4. I love being a stay-at-home mom. Really. I do. But yesterday was boring. I watched tv from 8-noon. I watched A Baby Story on TLC and SuperNanny on the Style Channel (or something like that). I have only ever watched one episode of SuperNanny, and strangely enough, that was the exact episode that was on yesterday! I work for over 2 years to come back home and watch.....the same thing? Anyway, when J4 is old enough to go places and the girls are out of school, it will be WONDERFUL! But yesterday was boring.

5. Do I put on make-up or not? I remember one key to staying at home. Get up, get dressed, do something. Don't just lie around in pajamas. It is good for your soul and mental health! But yesterday, as I applied my make-up, I thought, "you know, no one is going to see me. I'm not going anywhere. Should I waste an application of this?" But I finished applying it. For the record, I'm wearing make-up today, too.

6. Just this morning, I hit my pre-pregnancy weight! YES!!!! I'm very excited. But before anyone thinks I'm lying around all skinny and stuff, let me remind/inform you that I started this pregnancy 20 pounds higher than my last 2 pregnancies. So I still have a good 20-25 pounds that I need to lose. I'm hoping some of it just keeps coming off....The rest will probably leave me when I take baby in a stroller, dog on a leash, and 2 girls on bikes or scooters for a walk this summer.

7. So now that I've hit my pre-pregnancy weight, I should probably try wearing some pre-pregnancy clothes, right? Heh, heh...... Um, let's just say I'm kinda nervous to even try.

8. We are still planning to make it to Easter services this Sunday. J4 will be 2 weeks old....But I'm ready to get out of this house. Plus, I was smart enough to buy the girls' dresses and shoes before he was born. He's got an outfit as well. I'll post pictures. :)

9. J4 is, so far, an easy baby. He is still sleeping a lot. WAY more than either of the girls slept at 11 days old. I don't mind, really... He also only fusses when he's being changed or when he's hungry. We've had a few moments that seemed like colic. And don't think I'm naive enough to believe we're going to get to skip that part. He's only 11 days old. Give him time.

10. I'm doing ok with this whole boy-thing. Honestly, the only time I have to do anything different than I did with the girls is during diaper changes. Jim, my mom, and me, were all "baptized" last week at one point or another. The girls would do the same thing, but their showers would just go down and hit the floor. J4's hit the ceiling! Other than that, taking care of a baby is the same no matter the gender, at least for now.

I could probably go on, but, with perfect timing, he's starting to wake up now and it'll be time to eat. Hmmm....he just tooted as well.....Back to work!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

He's Here!

Well, after nearly 13 years, we are finally able to welcome J4 into our home! I've posted some pics on facebook, but I thought I'd post some here, too.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Nursery

Finally! Here are some pictures of the nursery. I think we've got just about everything we need and some things we just wanted. :)

Here is the view when you walk in the door. Note my new glider. I LOVE this glider. I hope it is with us long after I quit using it to rock babies. I told Jim I was going to keep it forever. He said, "to rock grandbabies?" I said no, for myself! It is sooooo comfy.

This is our changing table/dresser.
This is a wonderful gift from my coworker, Kylie. She made this after modeling it from the other wall art I picked out.

Here is the window valance and wall art the above picture was modeled on.

Here is the crib complete with frog mobile and frog sheets!

This is our expensive car seat! It's a Chicco Key Fit 30. Jim picked it out and is very proud of it. :)

Here is the awesome diaper bag! We got this at The Baby Habit, a store our friends, John & Miriam Lein, own. Go check it out!

This blanket was another gift from the shower they gave me at work. It is soooo soft! I've thought about taking it with me to the hospital so that I can use it as my own security blanket.

And Beta had to get in on the action as well.

Just for reference, here I am, 37 weeks pregnant.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Ch-ch-ch changes

Things are a-changin' 'round here. Not only have we all switched rooms, brought in several large pieces of pastel-colored equipment, bought a mini-van, sold the car, etc, etc, etc.....

We got hair cuts!

The biggest change is Beta. Her hair has been super long and super tangled for many, many months. Combing it out after bath time usually results in both of us crying and yelling at each other. Not fun.

So we got it cut today. I mean, CUT. She wanted it short and now she's got it. Let's just hope it looks like this in the morning.

Without further a-"do":

Isn't she cute????

I'm worried it will not look like this ever again. I did try and explain that those ladies in the salon know how to style hair, and her mother doesn't. The stylist even used a Chi flat iron to make it straighter. (look mommy! That's what they used on my hair! You can buy them!!!) I'm not sure she understands that I am NOT going to be straightening her hair every morning before school. Hopefully the good old round brush and hair dryer will make it like this at night.

The stylist did say it should be really cute curly, too. That would be wonderful! At least it's shorter for now.

Alpha got her hair cut. But just barely. Tiny. Minute. Minuscule. She had a cute little bob similar to Beta's from about 1st grade up until now. We haven't had time for a hair appointment so it's gotten pretty long. She's decided she likes long hair and wants it to stay that way. Since she now does her own shower, complete with shampooing, and combs and dries her hair ALL BY HERSELF, I figured she can wear it longer if she wants to. (I think it looks cuter shorter, but what do I know?)

Anyway, she asked if she could have a centimeter trimmed. I told her an inch. She kept saying centimeter so I said how about 2.5 of them???? She replies, "Wait! That's an INCH! You wanted me to get an inch cut! No, a centimeter!" Darn public schools.....

We told the lady an inch, but she ended up, SERIOUSLY, only cutting about 1/2 an inch. Or close to a centimeter. Alpha still thought she had incredibly short hair and almost cried when it was done. This was all payback to me for the things I put my own mother through....Touche', mom. Touche'.

And due to sadness and other technical difficulties, we do not have a picture of Alpha's "trim."

I got my hair cut as well. It's shorter, but not too short. I had Beta take a picture of me, but it didn't turn out right. I'll try and get a good one tomorrow and post it then.

But hopefully, Beta will be MUCH happier. And so will I!