Monday, May 24, 2010

Food Rant

I'm sick of this!!!!!

I was just listening to an episode of the Manic Mommies podcast. On it, Kristin mentioned that she was going to eat at McDonald's, and one of her friends had said "ewww! Do you know what's IN that?" She had told the person that no, she didn't know, and she didn't WANT to know.

I think I'm the same way. I'm sick of hearing about which foods are "healthy" and which are not. I feed my kids Lunchables. There. I said it. I feed them Lunchables and feel good about it. Why? Because when I was growing up, we had meat, cheese, and crackers as meals all the time! What's so wrong with that? Oh, yea. The meat is processed. Processed = bad.

Then there are the naysayers about school lunches. People say the federal government is feeding our kids junk and that we could pack much healthier meals on our own. To that I say, codswallop!!! My girls have been eating school meals for years now. They get a vegetable every day. They'll even get SALAD! If I'm packing a lunch, it's not gonna be salad, that's for sure. (See paragraph above re: Lunchables.)

Then there's the health nuts. First, salt was bad. Bad bad bad! So everything became "salt free" or "low salt", etc. Wait, wait, no. The REAL culprit is cholesterol. Cholesterol-free is the only way to go!!! What's that? It's really FAT? FAT is the real bad guy here? Oh, ok. Well, um, actually, it's just trans-fat. Wait, no. Story on the nightly news. It's salt again. Or maybe high fructose corn syrup. Bad! Evil!

So maybe we should buy and eat organic. Won't THAT be healthier? Maybe, but have you seen the price of that stuff???? Geez. It's enough to make me want to just buy a package of ramen noodles and call it a day. (oh wait....salt....)

Speaking of organic, do you know where your food comes from? Now it's not enough to just eat "healthy" and organic, but now I must eat food that's only been grown in my local town. That I got at a Farmer's Market or food co-op. Shipping food = bad.

That's why I'm sick of this. In deciding what to feed your family, you are damned if you do, and damned if you don't. (and yes, I meant to cuss. Sorry.)

When I was starting to write this, I showed it to Jim. His idea is that it doesn't really matter what we eat. We all should just eat less of it. Good idea! And start exercising, too. I'll get started on that, um, right away. :)

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